The Weather service issues tornado “watches”, alerts for conditions of atmospheric pressure, wind currents, humidity, and temperature variations that could lead to tornadoes.
A tornado warning, or an “alarm” is only issued when an actual tornado is identified and the storm is underway – a tornado has already occurred. Reactive.

Our Approach: Saving Money, Ensuring Safety and Reliability

The goal of PRTS is to reduce Avoidable Lost Time (ALT)™, commonly as high as 25-50% of total well drilling time. The system utilizes forward looking “Watches” based on the force balances of deterministic physics of the wellbore. That is, the equal and opposite forces of the earth’s subsurface environment versus the forces necessary to balance and maintain a stable wellbore.

This RTAS “Watch” system is comparable to the Weather system in many aspects in that these forces are continuously monitored, in real time, to determine physical behaviors conducive to the potential evolution of hazards such as stuck pipe, cuttings loading (wellbore cleaning), loss of barrier and material balance, kicks and other rotating and flat-time hazards.