Real-time system: from the well plan, to simulation and training.
The RTAS system continuously monitors and analyzes real-time data that signal initiation of an evolving hazard such as stuck pipe, cuttings loading, fluid barrier degradation, mass imbalance, and kicks

RTAS utilizes forward looking watches to proactively reduce Avoidable Lost Time (ALT)™ often as high as 25-50% of total drilling time. 

RTAS: key features:

  • Real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting of actual well data compared to imported pre-drill models
  • Pore pressure and fracture gradient
  • Torque and drag, Hydraulics
  • Automatic notifications of deviations from models, company set limits, or regulatory
  • Comprehensive audit log / trail of well conditions, crew actions, and system notifications
  • Analog capable for data imports of pictures

RTAS is designed as a proactive system providing analysis and forewarnings.

A PROACTIVE, unique real-time monitoring and analysis system designed to: 

  • Identify evolving drilling hazards that impact downhole wellbore conditions

  • Provide forewarning using ‘watch’ alerts

  • Allow company/user customization for proprietary needs

  • Overcome the lack of flexibility in existing

  • Provides interface and compliance with
    sections of the 2016 BSEE Well Control Rule